Here are three Gong recordings that I did a few years ago, The first one is called “Heaven and Earth”, the second one “Journey Under The Sea” and the third is “Journey to the Stars”.  Please use and share with your friends and family. These Gong recordings will help you all find peace in the changing waves of energy that we are all feeling at the moment, Be best to listen with headphones. Also,  if any of you  need my support going through these changes or any other,  just contact me, Love and Blessings to you all, Steven.

How to ride the waves of the new energies coming into the earth ?

We are still feeling the  imbalance  in the world around us,  but also within ourselves.  Complementary therapy helps us to find our inner balance.

Complementary therapy is a way of treating a person as a whole – that is why we call it holistic therapy – as a means of achieving balance on every level : physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.  It is a safe and highly effective way of treating the body without the use of drugs or surgery.  It enables us to stay in balance and to cope better with every-day-life.

On this website you will find more detailed information on a whole range of different complementary therapies that I practice and teach.

Steven Rudelhoff

Clinical Practitioner of Complementary Medicine

Reiki Masters/Teachers – Members of the BRCP/ICNM, CNHC, ITSA and UK Reiki Federation


New : Spiritualized!Brand new podcast from Ingrid and Nik Available on Anchor, Spotify, Radio Public, Google Podcasts, Pocketcasts and Apple Podcasts

Ingrid and Nik talk about everything related to spirit, energy and beyond.  They share their personal experiences and views on psychic abilities, duality, oneness and so much more. 

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                               Soul Retreat 

Come on a two-day retreat – either residential or non-residential – and discover your Life Purpose with a Soul Plan Reading , and be healed on a Soul Level through Soul Transformation Therapy.  For more information, see our Soul Retreat page.

“I have just returned from an exceptionally special two days on one of Ingrid and Steven’s personal retreats in their incredible centre. They have created a wonderful bespoke experience for anyone who wishes to combine energy healing, sound healing and exploration deep into the soul. I felt extremely relaxed in the knowledge that I was in the presence of two exceptional Masters and nurtured at every stage of the experience. The venue has the most amazing energy and Ingrid provided the most excuisite meals geared around my vegan sensibilities. The treatments and soul work were insightful and hugely healing. I can’t recommend this experience enough for someone who wants deep solace at a soul level. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you both of you special people” – S.G. – Sawbridgeworth

             Terra  Nova Practitioner Gong Training

  • affiliated with the ICNM(Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine) and I.T.S.A. International Therapeutic Sound Association.
  • runs over six weekend workshops over the period of one year.
  • cost is £200 per weekend workshop.
  • for more information see “Sound healing – Gong bath” page

                             ICNM Award 2014

In 2014 Steven received the Highly Commended Award in Best Complementary Medicine Practitioner category of the Institute of Complementary Natural Medicine (ICNM) Awards 2014 for his work in treating autism and other specific needs.  For more information on this subject, please go to our page “Treating Autism”.