About Aura-Soma® Aura-Soma is a holistic soul therapy in which visual and non-visual vibrations of colour, crystals and natural aromas combine with light to harmonise body, mind and soul of humanity. It is an ancient knowledge that has been re-discover and revitalised into a living system easily accessible to all by Vicky Wall in 1983. The word Aura comes from the Latin meaning: akin to air, a slight breath, vapour or shimmer. Soma is the ancient Greek word for ‘body’, while in ancient Sanskrit it designates a mysterious drink that transports the soul into a Divine ecstasy. When the two words are combined, they set up a very different and specific vibration, as both concepts, Aura and Soma have essentially deeper meaning inherent in them. Aura-Soma speaks to you through 107 beautiful bottles of rainbow coloured oils, special essences, pomanders and quintessence’s. Aura-Soma is a tool to help us to understand ourselves at a deeper level. It is a non-intrusive, self-selective system in which colour is the key. The coloured oils in the Equilibrium bottles, and the Pomanders, Quintessences, Colour Essences and other colour related products help you to bring your being into a state of equilibrium. They may help to increase your self-awareness and create a harmonious sense of comfort around and within yourself. Your colour choice reflects your very personal needs and helps you to find a more true understanding of your potential. Aura-Soma is defined as: “the light made manifest in living energies”. Through colour Aura-Soma brings consciousness and insight from the soul level of your being into your everyday life. Aura-Soma is especially suited for those who wish to come to a new focus in their life and/or who wish to develop within themselves higher levels of consciousness.

Aura-Soma Consultation 

During an Aura-Soma consultation you will be asked to select 4 of the 114 Equilibrium bottles that you are intuitively or emotionally drawn to. From your selections, your Aura-Soma Practitioner will see your personal journey in this life. An Aura-Soma consultation is not “fortune telling” although it will allow insight into your past, present, and future. The key difference with Aura-Soma is that the individual has chosen the ‘remedy’ (potential) for themselves, and has not relied on anyone else to tell them what to do or what they need. The client can gain insight into why a specific symptom or emotional problem has appeared in their lives, and work to reach the point where they no longer need it. The consultation takes between one hour and  one and a half hours cost are in out price section. Aura-Soma offers training courses in its colour system and a range of colour-related health and beauty products. Today Aura-Soma is represented in over 47 countries with Mike Booth carrying forward the vision as Vicky Wall predicted and wished. Aura-Soma is constantly developing, changing and moving forward, because like us, colour is not a static entity, it is a growing, dancing energy which reflects in it’s influence on all life and form. Aura-Soma is a pioneer of Colour consciousness and is leading the way in this very exciting discipline of the future. AURA-SOMA® is a registered trademark of Aura-Soma Products Ltd., UK. About Vicky Wall Aura-Soma was conceived in inspiration by Vicky Wall. Vicky Wall (1918-1991) was one of the first women appointed as a surgical chiropodist in England, and she taught at many teaching hospitals in London. Vicky had tremendous intuition; In fact, from her childhood on, she was both psychic and clairvoyant. After losing her eyesight, she developed the Aura-Soma colour system, and was able to help it become firmly established as a new re-balancing method. Everything Vicky had experienced in this lifetime seemed to prepare her for the guided meditation she received which instructed her to create bottles of beautiful jewel-like colours. Initially, she believed that the bottles were to be used on a physical level, however over the years of understanding and observing their effects it has become increasingly evident that they work primarily upon consciousness. “You are the colours you choose and these reflect our beings needs” Vicky Wall