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by Lauren slipper on reikiwithrudelhoff
Reiki level 1

After having several reiki treatments with
Steaven and Ingrid I knew this was the perfect
Place to complete my training, I instantly felt relaxed
And welcomed.
I completed my reiki level 1 and booked in my
Level 2 course , it was honestly the best experience
And I can’t wait to complete my next 2 levels to become
A reiki master !! Thank you

Was a wonderful day full of lovely experiences looking forward to seeing you for your Reiki level two.

by georgia carpenter on reikiwithrudelhoff
Past Life Regression

I met Ingrid while at TerraNova whilst there doing my reiki level 1 and was instantly drawn to her magnetic warm and welcoming energy. On my reiki level 2 day, one of the many exciting kinesthetic activities, was for distant healing. which I got to do with Ingrid, it was an incredible experience, which for me had many firsts, in ways of effect on my mind, body, soul and made the connection. So after the level2 course, the same evening me and Ingrid had a few messages about the days events. Which very soon excitedly resulted in booking my past life regrression treatment, for  the day after. Past life regression was something that I know led up to and played a part in the lead up to my spiritual awakening, and now life journey. But being so bedazzled and just in awe of the mystical magic process, I stayed away thinking it would be too advanced. Well, I was over the moon after in our messages an option of PLRegression was brought up, and also wholeheartedly supported and encouraged for me to take. It was just instant knowing and clarity of it being the right choice.

As soon as U arrived, I felt a million percent looked after, and made to feel at total ease and relaxation. We had a very enlightening and informative chat before we began the PLR. So all I will say is WOW, it is the most beautiful and eye-opening experience, with everything I could have dreamed of. Obviously, not having a clue what to expect, it went above and beyond anything imaginable. The best part of my Spiritual Journey so far. Thank you Ingrid

by georgia carpenter on reikiwithrudelhoff
Reiki level 2

I knew after taking level 1 I would be back to do level 2. Together, 2 of the best decsions I have made in life yet.My reiki level 2 day was an absolute joy to do. I was filled with so much knowledge and learnt so many tools for my reiki workbelt that will assist me and aid my reiki practice. I came away with crystal clear clarity on what to do next in the steps to building my career, also my practice including meditation. Which is everything I wanted and more. As always, Steven was amazing, and his continuing support and help really make this experience Second to None.

Hi Georgia, Thank you so much for your kind words and yes was a magical day.

by Matthew W Routledge on reikiwithrudelhoff
Reiki Level One

After a great deal of thought and consideration I decided to undertake my Reiki Level One Attunement with Terra Nova School of Light. From the first contact, through to the actual day and (at this point) the two weeks following my day with Steven, I have never felt so at ease, so well supported and so well informed. All of my questions were treated with respect and were answered comprehensively, my needs were accomodated, my entire day was perfect from start to finish.

I owe a great deal to Terra Nova School of Light.

Thank you

by Julie on reikiwithrudelhoff
Reiki 1,Reiki 2, Munay ki workshop, womb wisdom

I have been so lucky to find this wonderful lady Ingrid, who I have been lucky enough to do all the above workshops with, All these workshops have been amazing and have definitely changed my life, I am now confident and able to use what I have been attuned to to help others, such an amazing wonderful journey, I recommend all these courses each one is unique, the last one I did was womb wisdom and it was mind blowing for me, although all of the workshops I did where amazing. Ingrid is an amazing person beautiful inside and out, I am so glad I crossed paths with Ingrid and Steven they will always be part of my journey.

by georgia carpenter on reikiwithrudelhoff
Reiki level 1 course

So as writing reviews go, this is the most important one i have typed, as i can truly say the experience is one that will shape the rest of my life. i cant quite put into words just how incredible and humbling it was to meet Steven and Ingrid, the two most inspiring kind and beautiful souls. who for me, are what made it such a magical, enlightening and life changing experience, as it was so much more than just a course. from the moment i booked my course, Steven was an absolute star. in so many ways, his help and support was always available, and also so welcomed. i couldn't of felt more at home and in good hands. when arriving, your instantly met with a lovely, picturesque home, and greeted by Steven. instantly felt relaxed and ready to embrace it all. the house itself is just wow, it was filled with warmth, tranquility, and soul. the room which the course itself takes place, is breathtaking. filled with all things fascinating, mesmeric and magnetic. the course was incredibly set out, and absolutely flew by. it was a home from home, so laid back, and absolutely just the best day, with the most inspirational couple. Who you get so much more than just a course with, it has soul, it has purpose and instantly knew id be booking reiki level 2 and 3. I could not feel more blessed and content with the path i am now on. Thank you Steven, and Ingrid.

by Jenny on reikiwithrudelhoff

I had a lovely day with Steven passing my level 2 in Reiki.
I had a lovely welcome from both Steven and Ingrid. Would definitely recommend

by Claudio on reikiwithrudelhoff
REIKI level 1

I had a great experience on my Reiki 1 course, Steven made the day an enjoyable experience very professional and knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. Highly recommended. I'm looking forward to Reiki 2.

by Ingrid Twigg on reikiwithrudelhoff
Thank You

I met Ingrid & Steven for the first time recently, doing my Reiki 2, with them, on a one to one basis. I had the most amazing experience with them. Such love and kindness shown to me ! I feel like I have received so many gifts, which will take me a while to process. I am so grateful that my journey has led me to them and I hope yours does too. It's heart warming and comforting to know they are still there for me, whenever I need them and I cant wait to meet them again to continue on my path with Reiki Drumming and much more. Love & light to all xx

by Andrew Clarke on reikiwithrudelhoff
Very informative

I now have completed level 1 and 2 reiki. Im
glad i chose steven as my reiki teacher. He
was supportive through the course and
even after the training has been completed
he has been available to answer questions
and give advice. He made the information
clear and made sure i understood
everything and had the time to go over anything
if there where any issues. I definitely recommend. Also made welcome by
Ingrid who i was able to practice reiki on.

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