Baby / Infant Massage


msoA6ED7Massaging newborn babies makes them grow faster and helps them sleep better, research shows.

Experts say that mothers and fathers who use massage as part of their daily care routine can expect happier, healthier children.  Research has found that stroking and rubbing a baby’s skin with moderate pressure enough to indent the skin slightly has a wide range of benefits.

Weight gain is a key indicator of early development, with heavier babies tending to show superior mental progress and being more robust in staving off infections.  Babies, who sleep better, are also more likely to feed at the correct times and are less likely to be irritable.

In a study, the mothers of 96 full-term newborns were taught to massage their babies with moderate pressure, or simply to caress their skin in stroking motions with no pressure, once a day before bedtime.  After a month, the massaged babies had gained 2.5lb on average, compared to 2lb in those who were simply stroked.  They had also grown by 1.2in in length twice as much as the other and their head circumference, another common measure of early growth, had increased by a greater degree on average. Massaged babies were also less likely to show signs of excitability and depression.

Massage also helps to alleviate conditions such as sleeplessness, colic, nasal congestion, teething, growing pains, …

So massaging your baby  has so  many benefits, not only for the baby, but also for you the parent. It will bring a sense of peace into your home, so why not give it a try ?

Besides practising baby/infant massage, we can also offer you a Course in Baby/Infant Massage to teach you a.o.

  • Benifits of Massage,  Positions For Massage,  Contra-Indications, Mediums To Use, Health & Hygiene,
  • When to massage and/or touch, Baby Body & Facial Communication, Reaction to Massage, Growth & Development,
  • Adapting massage to different ages, Special needs, Age guidelines, Treating Specific Conditions,
  • Infant Stress Indicators, Infant Behavioural States,  Full Massage Routine.

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