Reiki Courses

Sierra Exif JPEGWe have been holding Reiki Workshops all over the country for nearly 20 years, both for adults and children. These Integrated Reiki Workshops include Reiki attunements, both Japanese and Western-style, and are being given over 3 levels. A Reiki Level One Certificate allows you to practice on family and friends. A Reiki Level Two Certificate enables you to become a practitioner. A Reiki Level Three Certificate allows you to become a Reiki Master / Teacher yourself.

The ability to work with the Reiki energy is passed from Master to Student during an attunement process, which reinforces the energy centres (or chakras) of your body, thus giving you a connection to the Reiki healing energy. This connection will stay with you for life.

Being attuned to Reiki opens doors for you, brings you new opportunities in your life and gives you more energy, inner peace and confidence!

Everybody can be attuned to Reiki and has the ability to work with this universal energy, regardless of age, sex, religion or state of health.

Reiki principlesBefore coming on a workshop, you will receive a manual to prepare yourself (Kids will receive their manual on the day). The actual course day will consist of doing practical exercises as well as meditation and receiving attunements. You will receive a Certificate at the end of the day. Also, you will have our full support on any questions relating to your Reiki journey.

You can read some of our students’ feedback in “Testimonials relating to our Reiki Workshops”.

Our workshops run over a full day, with the exception of a Reiki Level Three Course, which runs over two days.

Our prices (inclusive manual and certificate) are :

Level Adults Teenagers* (age 10-17) Kids* (age 5-9) Toddlers** (age 3-4)
Level One £150 £60 £40 £20
Level Two £180 £80 n/a n/a
Level Three £350 n/a n/a n/a

* We have both been DBS checked for working with children and vulnerable adults.

** Toddlers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This course lasts half a day and doesn’t include a manual.

If you are interested in doing a Reiki Workshop with us, please feel free to contact us regarding availabilities.