Some testimonials relating to our Reiki courses and treatments

I fell pregnant in October 2015. All was going well until February 2016.  I had severe morning sickness and headache. This went on until end of March. Also, my eyes started to go funny ; my vision was different and one eye lid dropped.  I was admitted to hospital on 13th April 2016 and was kept in for a week,  having tests done.  When I received the results,  I was diagnosed with a Meningioma brain tumour.  I delivered my daughter three weeks early via C-section as I was told it was unsafe to have a natural labour.  After that,  the hospital told me that I could not have any more children.  This broke my heart.   Steven got to hear about this as he is  friends with my mum.   He said that he felt he could help and offered to do weekly sessions of energy healing, Also, at this point, I had been told my condition would not improve or would I be able to have another baby.  I would be having Radian therapy if my condition stabilised.  Now we are two months on. Since having treatments from Steven, my vision has greatly improved.  So much even that I do not need to wear a patch on my eye. My tumour has stabilised.   The hospital have now said I am able to have more children.   My energy levels have gone up.   I feel more alive and  I do not get tired like I used to.  J.B. From March Cambridgeshire

An exhilarating and exhausting day. Thank you Steven for the encouragement and support. Also, it was brilliant that there was no jargon to confuse me. You promote self-belief … – V.G. from Wisbech-St-Mary, Cambridgeshire

Thank you for an excellent day. I have experienced a variety of feelings which I did not believe possible. I feel the course has given me a new confidence …- M.S. from March, Cambridgeshire

The workshop was a very intense experience. It was a very special day and it meant a positive push in the right direction for a number of issues in my life …- C.S. from Antwerp, Belgium

What can I say, the course was a wonderful experience. Words cannot explain the feeling of calm and peacefulness I felt. I was so amazed with the intensity of the energy and the different feelings I encountered, all of which were pleasant … – S.G. from Ware, Hertfordshire

The day was magical to say the least. I was overwhelmed with the distant healing and have found that this can be useful in every day life. Whilst I found the day very tiring, I have a different feeling about me, one that is hard to describe, but if I could, indescribably wonderful comes to mind … Thank you again for a great day … – M. O’D from Cambridgeshire

The Reiki One course was the most amazing experience, It has started me on a new and exciting journey to a better being. I found Steven to be a patient and gentle teacher who never once made anything I said or asked seem silly. Both Steven & Ingrid made me feel so welcome in their home and their lives, and I look forward to being a part of the lives of the people I have met through doing Reiki. I thank you all so much … – L.D. from March, Cambridgeshire

Thank you so much, Steven & Ingrid, this was such a lovely experience. I feel really at peace with everything and everyone, and feel that I am getting to know myself, and I like who I am. Thank you for getting me started on this journey and I am so looking forward to the future, although staying centred in the now … – C.J. from Cambridgeshire

Thank you both for today. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it’s only been in the last half hour or so that I have finally found some energy. I was exhausted when you left, I am now on cloud nine and about to design some more leaflets which will include Reiki treatments on them ! Mum thought today was fantastic and is looking forward to doing Reiki 1 st degree course with you, she has not stopped nattering about the events of today … – C.L. from London

As you mentioned, I have felt a massive increase in energy when I have been doing internal Kung Fu forms such as Tai Chi, Hsing-i, etc … I have also found it a lot easier to meditate with the daily Reiki exercises than I do with the meditations that I have been using up till now. The whole experience has been enlightning and I look forward to using it as much as I can in the future… – D.C. from Ipswich

Learning about spirituality and Reiki has changed my life for the better and continues to do so.  To be able to send healing to people in need is healing me at the same time !  It is so nice to feel that I am able to do something positive where there is suffering or negativity.  A real life changer ! Thank you both so very much – K.J. from Wisbech