NEW – Soul Transformation Therapy

Soul Transformation Therapy  is a new and complete therapy system. Already popular with coaches, doctors and therapists in Japan it is now being introduced to the UK.

This healing method uses Tarot style ‘ Polarity’ cards to determine your deeper current ‘core issue’ – this is the root cause of whatever challenge or block to potential you currently experience. Once the ‘core issue’ and story behind your block has been determined, there are several key healing interventions to clear the (separation) pattern.

Because many of our issues in life  lie on the unconscious heart and soul levels, we sometimes need to work on other levels beside the mental one to address the core origin of them.  Therefore, we also need to touch the spiritual, emotional and even the ancestral level, enabling us to get in touch with the Soul.  This is exactly what Soul Transformation Therapy does.

In the present day, possible access to different spiritual technologies and systems helps a Soul Transformation Therapist  to diagnose the core issue and to use a variety of solutions or healing interventions to address it.

Many of us have ‘polarity subselves’, which play an active part in our every-day-life and which sometimes can block our way forward.  Through Soul Transformation work, these unconscious subselves can be brought into our conscious awareness and worked upon, so possible blockages can be removed.

This therapy work can also be used to  release stuck emotion or retrieve a part of us that is missing.

Soul Transformation Therapy is a method to work on unifying the personality to blend with the Soul.  It can also be used for spiritual growth/personal development without any specific issues being present.

A Soul Transformation Therapy session lasts about 1,5 to 2 hours.  An initial conversation will clarify a possible issue/block and through a spread of cards, the right healing intervention technique(s) will be determined and used to clear the blockage.

Another card spread at the end will give further insights for the future.