Terra Nova School Of Light Update

Hi guys hope all is well with everyone and the new year is starting to bear fruits for you all, I know for allot of people it’s been very difficult and tough, but just keep letting go and keep on shining your bright lights remember to take back your power. this is what I am doing on a daily basic as there is allot of conflict energy around which is trying to keep tripping us up.  Also, to double up on all your protection using crystals, Aura Soma and Reiki energy, it’s so importance to refresh your energies throughout the day when you are feeling low of energy, walk outside into nature as well re- connect your energy.

we had a great response to our new courses and treatments that we offering now, our soul plan- retreat is getting allot of interest  also our Gong course which is Affiliated to the TSA (Therapeutic Sound Association), We are so pleased that allot of our clients from March area have kept with us so a big thank you to all !!! for your support. Also, the Reiki courses are growing and more and more new people coming.  Ingrid held a lovely Children Reiki course also a level two Reiki course with mum and son they all had amazing experiences throughout the day. Our new healing space has truly super charged energies, everybody who had received a treatment has mention how strong the energies have been also they’re experiences.

The new treatment that I have been offering is the Aquarian Atlantean Shamanic Healing (Paddles) very powerful and I am blessed to have the opportunity to deliver this treatment to clients. The paddles combine magnetic energies with colour vibrations focussed through universal symbols/triangles and are used in many different ways on the body and energetic field. There is more information on our website. Their treatment is up and coming also it is very popular in Japan.

This year for us we will be pushing the teaching side of all what we do so really looking forward to meeting new and old students, Also I have a lovely friend come over today to encourage me to bring Terra Nova School Of light up to date as in Blog and looking into podcast so watch this space, Thank you Matthew!!! this is one of the challenges I face this year so bear with would love your comments and questions please get in touch.

Me and Ingrid send all our love and healing to you all, stay safe and protected.