Treating Autism Clients

I have been working with  adults and children with autism for over 10 years now.

Both carers and parents have seen big improvements in behavioural  patterns.  My clients have become  calmer. When they need to release stress, it is released more gently.   They have become more balanced in every part of their lives.  They are happier within themselves.

I mainly perform Aromatherapy massage, using Reiki and/or Sound healing alongside it.  The complementary therapy helps them to release any negative emotions, which will then keep them more balanced.

Recently I have been awarded Highly Commended in the Best Complementary Medicine Practitioner division of the ICNM Awards 2014 (ICNM stands for Institute of Complementary Natural Medicine) for my work with Autism.

This award will hopefully help me to raise awareness about the benefits of Complementary Medicine, especially when treating people with specific needs.

My goal is to train parents and carers as well as other therapists in how to use complementary therapies when dealing with specific needs such as Autism at all spectrums.

I organise one-day-workshops and give talks on this subject.

If you would like any more information about the workshops or would like me to give a talk, just call or e-mail me.